Fit Into the Rave Scene: A Guide to Rave Clothes for Girls

Fit Into the Rave Scene: A Guide to Rave Clothes for Girls

Posted 07.10.2012 in Articles by Jess

Can't wait for that rave you and your friends have been waiting to go to for months? With things finally booked and ready, the last thing you have to do now is buy the perfect outfit. Dressing for a rave allows you to be creative, fun and crazy. Don't just wear jeans and a top; wear wigs, neon colors, furry boots, or a flashy bathing suit. Rave clothing should be comfortable for long nights spent dancing so the less you wear, the more comfortable you'll be. Take your outfit to the next level by adding glow-in-the-dark designs or battery-powered lights. Make your outfit pop by taking into account these couple of tips and checking out a few of our favorite rave clothing stores.

The first thing to know about dressing for a rave is that your outfit should be very body conscious. There will be a lot of dancing for a long amount of time so you want to be comfortable. At the same time there will be a lot of other people dancing so it can get pretty hot. You don’t want to be stuck wearing jeans or sweatpants in the middle of the crowd where it feels like it’s 500F. You’re more than definitely going to be sweating so it’s not uncommon to wear something small. Lastly, in the broad scheme of things, whatever you wear, wear bright vibrant colors. Even if you do decide to wear just a tank top and pants, add color to those and you’ll be in the clear.

A lot of girls like to wear bright colored tutus over some short shorts. Another popular outfit is a skirt or shorts. Some girls do wear pants but it’s not very common for someone who plans on really being in the crowd. One of the main accessories when wearing shorts, a skirt, or a tutu are leg warmers or fluffies. Fluffies are just like leg warmers but like the name they’re super fluffy and come in all colors. As for footwear, you’ll be standing for hours so wear some shoes that you don’t mind being in. Also do not wear any kind of open toed shoes unless you’re okay with breaking a few bones in your foot. People will be jumping and dancing and the last thing you want is someone coming down on your little piggies.

As far as make up goes, the brighter and extravagant the better. A lot of girls like to wear colored eyelashes to make their face really stand out. Also try body glitter or glitter hairspray. You can keep your hair down but most like to put it up in a ponytail or pigtails just because of how hot it gets. If you’re feeling really daring, then try wearing a wig. It’s like giving yourself a new identity. While some people do wear hats it’s not entirely advisable unless you’ve already come to terms with the fact that you’re probably going to lose it.

Be fun, be vibrant, be daring when you dress for your next rave. It’s a place to be entirely yourself void of judgement. Wear that big blue wig or those long yellow lashes. Walk out in a bikini and fluffies. Dressing for a rave is a big part of the experience of going to one.

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